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Salaman, Grayson & Henry P.C. is a litigation boutique specializing in complex commercial litigation, enforcement and collection of judgments and insurance regulation. We provide our clients with sophisticated legal services that one might find in a larger law firm. However, because of our small size, we tend to be more entrepreneurial when it comes to financial arrangements and are in a position to give each client’s case the personal attention it deserves.

In Person Assistance
In Person Assistance

In person assistance

Limited Paper Work

Limited paper work

Phone Consultations.

Phone consultations.


Our motto is simple: Our clients deserve to be represented by aggressive experienced trial lawyers who are prepared to handle cases in any tribunal. Our attorneys have extensive experience in a wide array of cases and have handled matters throughout the United States and abroad. We offer expertise in many areas which pose particularly complex and pressing challenges to businesses and individuals such as regulatory litigation, civil RICO claims, securities litigation, insurance coverage, professional liability, and contractual disputes.

When it comes to collection and enforcement of judgments, our lawyers literally wrote the book on the area, “Execution Practice: Enforcement of Money Judgments from Law Books to Street Justice”, Pennsylvania Bar Institute Publication, Collecting and Enforcing Judgments, Fourth Edition, 2007. We are well equipped to provide the full range of legal services that most clients need. We also work in concert with other American and foreign law firms, which complement our areas of focus. We also have a strategic partner, Hunts International Removals, specialised in removals to Portugal.

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Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation

Our experienced lawyers handle commercial litigation cases brought on behalf of the plaintiff or the defendant.

Regulatory Litigation

We have litigated many cases in front of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Litigation Management

Our attorneys have coordinated litigation for major insurance companies, state governments and multi-national corporations.

Enforcing Judgments

Our law firm has helped countless individuals and businesses collect more than $100 million owed under a wide variety of judgments

Immigration Law

Attorney Michael S. Henry and two full-time immigration paralegals and one law clerk are dedicated to providing quality legal services to people with U.S.

Deportation and Removal

Our firm routinely helps concerned family members seeking assistance on behalf of a loved one facing deportation or removal proceedings.

Detention Cases and Criminal Actions

Criminal convictions involving a noncitizen immigrant can result in that individual undergoing deportation and removal proceedings.

Family Based Visas

Family means everything. It is where we find love, security and support. You can trust Salaman, Grayson & Henry P.C. when you need to bring your family together.


We have extensive experience and a proven track record in complex areas of the law such as enforcement and collection of Judgments, regulatory and complex commercial matters.

We often are willing to work on a straight or mixed contingent fee basis.
Under the rules of professional ethics, we pay competitive referral fees.

We are willing to work with you under co-counsel arrangements.

We provide regular written reports to the attorneys who have referred cases to us.

We will not interfere with your attorney/client relationship.

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