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Our attorneys are actively involved in local and national bar associations and have sat on panels that evaluate judicial candidates. We have lectured in continuing legal education seminars. We are also committed to public service and each attorney handles a number of pro bono cases every year. Our strength lies in our experience through which we help clients reach their goals.


We work with an extensive network of local counsel throughout the United States, Canada, Israel, Lebanon, the United Kingdom, and the former Soviet Union to help meet our clients’ legal needs. Wherever you have legal needs, we can arrange for counsel to assist us in representing you.

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We have experience with all kinds of judgment situations. Attorney Drew Salaman has over 30 years of experience and for the past 25 years has been a speaker and course planner for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute for the enforcement and collection of judgments.

It is likely that given his background he has seen a situation similar to yours. With our small law firm environment, you can count on a great deal of direct involvement from Drew Salaman at every point in your case.

we have extensive experience helping recover money judgments for our clients. Some of the situations were we have helped clients include judgments for a negligence or personal injury case, support issues or domestic relations orders, business debts, a workers’ compensation order and even judgments that arise out of simple collection matter.

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