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Harvard University

Top 5 Law Schools in the USA

Studying Law in the United States of America is a privilege that most students long for. Lawyers are one among the predominant professionals of the society. They protect the interests of the people, help them understand how much they are legally safe and the means and ways in which the affected person can seek redressal in the eyes of law. There are a lot of law courses in the US law schools that are applicable for international students. These courses help students practice law no matter which part of the world they belong to, without any confusion. Here are some of the best law schools in the US as of 2017:

Harvard University

Yale University:

Yale University offers a full-time program in law and relevant courses. The annual fee is expected to be around $59,865 per year. As far as Yale Law School is concerned, the aim of the institute is to keep the quality of education high and thereby they reduce the number of students in a classroom. Not more than 20 students form a classroom. Grade system is not followed in Yale Law School they only practice ranking students by honors, pass, low pass, credit or failure.

Stanford University:

Stanford University offers more than 25 joint degrees and students are given the option to pick the most favorable degree according to their interest and convenience. Breaking the stereotypes of a law school, students are made to explore their surroundings and neighborhood to learn the issues of the society. This helps them gain the knowledge that they required as the lawmakers of the society. The annual fee amounts to $58,236

Harvard University:

Harvard University has always managed to gain one among the top three positions as far as their law school is concerned. When compared to other law schools the fee structure a little higher. The annual fee amounts to $60,638. There are both full-time and part-time courses for law students. Students can also work and prepare projects even before their classes begin. This helps them understand the crux of the course better.

University of Chicago:

The University of Chicago takes the fourth place this year. The full-time program fee amounts to $59,541. This law school is highly recommended for students who prefer to take short courses. This law school follows a unique quarter pattern that most other law schools do not practice. This helps the student gain better knowledge over different aspects of law in a short span.

Columbia University:

Columbia University offers law course only as full-time programs. There are no part-time or evening courses here. The annual fee amounts to $65,260, which makes Columba University the expensive one on the list. However, the university offers a lot of other special programs and training sessions that help students to tap placement opportunities. There are about 281 full time and part time staff on rolls.

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